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hairstyles for round shaped face

Best Hairstyles for a Round-Shaped Face

Do you have a round-shaped face? Are you finding it hard to find the hairstyle that complements your face shape? Check out the best hairstyles for a round-shaped face here.

Styling the hair for a rainy day

3 Hairstyles for the Rainy Days

The spring season do bring in some showers. The rain can bring many good things but it can ruin your hairdo. So when the skies are overcast, it is best to wear a style that holds up well against the rain. Check out the 3 hairstyles we recommend for the rainy days.

common hair care mistakes

Are You Making These 5 Hair Care Mistakes?

Is your hair prone to breakage and damage? You may be making these 5 common hair care mistakes. Read on to find out if you are guilty of these hair sins.

Paddle hair brush

Brush Up on Your Hair Brush Knowledge

Are you using just one hair brush for everything from blow drying, styling to regular brushing? Did you know that there are different types of hair brushes out there and each of them offer unique results? We have listed down 4 types of hair brush and discussed what each can do for your hair. Read on to find out more.

a woman in bed with beautifully styled hair

Hair Styling Tricks: How to Wake Up With Beautifully Styled Hair

Hair styling eats up a lot of our morning time. But did you know that there are neat tricks that will result to beautiful hair when you wake up? Yes you can definitely sleep your way to beautifully styled hair! Check out these 3 hair styling tricks!

shopping for healthy and organic produce

Dull Hair? Foods That Will Add Shine and Luster to Your Hair

Want to add shine and luster to your dull hair? Well then hit the grocery store and shop for foods that are healthy for the hair? Learn about which foods are healthy for the hair here!

Pretty lady with long beautiful hair

Want Beautiful Hair? Avoid These 5 Hair Care Mistakes

Want to have beautiful hair? There are plenty of hair care tips thrown out there. But most of us still make mistakes in caring for our locks. These mistakes, although most of them are simple mistakes can spell disaster to your hair. Check out if your making these 5 mistakes!

5 Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

5 Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

Curls are sexy. They have this bouncy and fun vibe. But dryness and frizz can steal your lovely curls’ glory. Check out 5 important hair care tips for curly hair that will help keep your curls beautiful, smooth and frizz-free!

Spring Hairstyles: 3 Must-Try Hair Colors for Spring

Spring Hairstyles: 3 Must-Try Hair Colors for Spring

Although some of us are still feeling the chilly weather, it is officially spring time. Springtime is all about a fresh start in all aspects of our lives from our closets, our home, our mindset and even hairstyles. When it comes to spring hairstyles, a change in hair color will do great wonders!

3 Easy to Pull Spring Hairstyles

3 Easy to Pull Spring Hairstyles

The spring season is here. Time to start changing your look. The easiest way to do this is via a hairstyle change! Check out these 3 easy to pull off lovely spring hairstyles!