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Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer with these Sun Protection Tips

Skin cancer affects millions of people around the globe. In the United States alone millions are suffering from this disease. However many of these skin cancer cases may have been prevented with proper sun protection. Here are 4 important sun protection tips to keep your skin healthy and protected against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

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Will You Have a Snail Facial?

Would you let a few snails crawl and spread their slime on your face? Sounds pretty gross. But snail facial has been crawling up the beauty world. But does it really provide the skin tremendous benefits.

a dermatologist checking for skin cancer on a patient

Skin Problems: Why You Should Visit Your Dermatologist Annually

When it comes to the skin and any skin problem, dermatologists are the experts. However, not many of us seek their help whenever we are dealing with skin problems. Did you know that visiting your dermatologist at least once a year is a must-do? Find out why here!

Practice yoga for beautiful skin

How to Have Beautiful Skin: Practice Yoga

Been wondering how to have beautiful skin? Here’s a simple solution. Practice yoga! Surprised to hear this solution? Read on to learn just how yoga greatly benefits the skin.

Do You Have a Skin Tag?

Do You Have a Skin Tag?

Skin tags are fairly common but most people mistake them for warts. Sometimes some people mistake a skin tag as a sign of skin cancer. If you do see a skin tag, don’t worry as it’s basically harmless. Find out more about skin tags and how to remove skin tags here!

Exfoliate: The Secret to Soft, Plump, and Kissable Lips

Exfoliate: The Secret to Soft, Plump, and Kissable Lips

Your lips can get dry and chapped. Sometimes you can get flaky skin on the lips. But there is a secret to keeping your skin soft, plump and kissable. What is this secret? Read on!

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The Tattoo Art: What You Need to Know Before You Get Inked

The art of tattooing has been around for thousands of years. However if you are planning to get a tattoo, it is best to think over this decision first for a number of times as a lot of people who got inked are now regretting their decision. Learn more about tattoos and tattoo removal here!

Healthy Skin Diet: 5 Foods That Will Give Your Skin a Beautiful Glow

Healthy Skin Diet: 5 Foods That Will Give Your Skin a Beautiful Glow

Skin care is not just about the products you use or your regimen. It is also about what you eat. In fact what you eat plays a major role on how your skin looks. A healthy skin diet results to a beautiful, healthy and youthful skin. Are you eating these 5 vegetables that are great for the skin?

Hyperpigmentation: 3 Things You Should Know About

Hyperpigmentation: 3 Things You Should Know About

Whether you call those dark spots as brown spots, age spots, or melasma, they are actually a condition called hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation refers to an excess presence of melanin on the skin. But what causes hyperpigmentation? How do you get rid of these dark spots? Read on to find out!

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How to Have Healthy Skin: 5 Skin Care Must-Haves

Wearing a beautiful, healthy and radiant skin is a dream of many people especially women all over the world. But not many are aware how to have healthy skin. We have listed down 5 must have skin care essentials to help out your skin! Read on.