What is Argan Oil?

The revolutionary all-natural nutrient that is the hottest new discovery in cosmetics!
Just 2 drops can help make your skin look younger, your hair look vibrant and healthy, and your nails stronger and longer. Just 2 drops in the morning, then 2 more at night helps make you look younger in just days.

Even better, 100% pure Argan Oil contains no synthetic chemicals. You don't have to worry about harmful side effects or dangerous carcinogens in your cosmetics. Pure Argan Oil comes exclusively from nutrition-packed seeds of the argan tree. That means pure Argan Oil is entirely plant based and natural. There are no side effects and nothing for you to worry about.

Use Argan Oil on your skin, your hair, and your nails for safe, powerful results. You will feel better and look better, all while knowing you are contributing to your own health and the positive welfare of our Earth by using a true "green" cosmetic.

Powerful Secret from the African Desert
For centuries women of the Burber tribe in Morocco have used Argan Oil as a wonder cosmetic, an important nutritional supplement, and even as a favorite ingredient in foods. Burber women are noted for looking younger and healthier. Gradually word spread of their amazing discovery. In recent decades people all over the world have embraced this fabulous nutrient. Today nearly 2 million Moroccans earn their living cultivating and harvesting 100% pure Argan Oil. Morocco has strict guidelines for the growth, harvest, and production of Argan Oil, making it a prized all-natural product an entire nation works to perfect.

Why Argan Oil Makes You Younger
Pure Argan Oil is packed with ALL the many forms of Vitamin E. This makes Argan Oil an intense antioxidant that slows aging and encourages improved health and a younger looking you.

- Prevents the spread of free radicals in tissues
- Promotes smooth muscle growth
- Enhances neurological functions
- Repairs damage to tissues

Argan Oil also contains essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids that are at the very core of keeping your skin and hair young and naturally repairing damaged hair and tissues.

Just being a rich source of Vitamin E and Fatty Acids would make Argan Oil one of the world's leading nutrients. But this miracle oil doesn't stop there. Argan Oil also contains these very powerful natural ingredients:

- Prostaglandins - an anti-inflamatory promoting cell development and growth
- Polyphenols - has a strong effect on everything from anti-aging to fighting allergies
- Ferulic Acid - very prevalent in Argan Oil; powerful anti-oxidant fighting aging
- Carotenoids - protect skin from ultra violet radiation, free radicals, and a barrier to arthritis
- Sterols - promotes healthy skin, reduces inflamation, helps a host of afflictions, ailments, diseases.
- Squalene - promotes cell growth, absorbs toxins and excretes them from your body, and much more

Insist on PURE Argan Oil
Most products that claim to use the power of Argan Oil only have a tiny bit of the oil in them. This does not work nearly as well as 100% PURE Argan Oil. You need pure oil to realize the full benefit of this amazing nutrient. That's why you only need 2 drops of pure Argan Oil to create younger skin, hair, and nails.

Why Pure, Top Quality Argan Oil is Rare
100% Pure Argan Oil cannot be manufactured in factories. There is no, nor will there ever be, an effective synthetic version of Argan Oil. This one-of-a-kind cosmetic and nutrient can ONLY be had from the seeds of the Argan Tree that grows exclusively in the southern region of Morocco. There the production of Argan Oil is prized and highly regulated by the Moroccan Government.

The end result is Argan Oil is rare and normally very hard to get. That's the real reason major cosmetic products only contain a few drops of Argan Oil. Only ArganOilShop.com, with our close family ties to southern Morroco, can deliver on our promise to supply YOU with 100% PURE Argan Oil of the highest quality.

What Argan Oil is NOT
Argan Oil is all natural and purely plant based. That means it is NOT a synthetic cosmetic filled with harsh chemicals that cause harmful side effects. Today 1 in 10 people use cosmetics that contain carcinogens. Unfortunately, that means many people are putting things on their face and hands that have been shown to cause cancer.

You NEVER take that risk with Argan Oil. This all natural oil is the cosmetic you can eat -- literally!

It's time for YOU to try the world's most natural, powerful cosmetic.
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